Car Rider Dismissal - Sept. 6, 2022

Car Rider Dismissal - Sept. 6, 2022
Posted on 09/07/2022
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Good afternoon,

Since today was our first day of preschool, the car rider line was longer than it was last week. We appreciate your patience as we settle into routines and the staff learns to recognize parents and vehicles.  Our priority is to keep children safe, so we appreciate your help in implementing the following car rider procedures. 

  • The playground gate will be opened at 2:35 after the last recess.  Please avoid arriving earlier so traffic doesn’t back up.  
  • Two lines are formed so we can load more students at a time.  The first car on the right side pulls up to just past the basketball hoop.  The first car on the left side (closest to the school) pulls up just past the first tree. Pull in close together so we can fit in more vehicles. 
  • Teachers will wait for all cars on the playground to stop before they allow children to go.  Please wait in your car and do not call or signal for children to come to you. This may cause a child to run out in front of a moving vehicle. 
  • If you are stopped behind the end of the building, duty teachers cannot see you.  Please wait until it is your turn to pull up.  Students may not walk down the driveway beside the building. 
  • Once a group of children are in their cars, a staff member will signal that it is safe to pull out.  Please wait for this signal.   
  • If you are pulling into the playground driveway at or after 2:50, please watch out for students on the School Street sidewalk.  Teachers will direct you to wait a moment while the walkers cross the driveway.
  • In bad weather, please remind your child to wear rain gear, a warm coat, etc.  If there happens to be a thunderstorm with lightning at dismissal time, students will wait inside until it is safe.

Together we can keep your children safe and get you on your way as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your help.  

Susan Shaw-Sarles

JGS Principal

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